Graham Walker - Ripped me off

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ordered a part for my scimitar over the phone paid the money ,part never arrived i paid for first class post

phoned him up and he took the attitude like i was something on his shoe he then said if i wanted to pay £10.50 parcel post he would me another one this was after he told me to check with the post office .which i did

when i asked for a refund he sniggered and said we dont give refunds !so they took my money left me with the car up on stands ,and this is a company that bought up all of the rights for scimitar cars and parts ,they also events for scimitar owners ,well this was a lesson learnt .in future if i have to pay for parts i will use paypal ,i have since checked on the price of the part and found that it was over priced by two and a half times ,this company has a big web site on Ebay so if you own a scimitar beware they treat you like are something on the bottom of their shoe when it goes wrong !

Review about: Axel Oil Seal.

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